Why is it that when polar music opposites collaborate, it is like an explosion in your ear?

Danger Mouse, Norah Jones and Jack White? Big Boi and Modest Mouse?

It seems like when a soft artist works with a in-your-face artist it always works.

Add Thao & Mirah to the list.

These two female vocalists come from very different backgrounds, but together make amazing raw folk music or booming, bass heavy electronic rock.

When Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn moved from Olympia, Wash. to San Francisco, she wasn’t looking for a musical partner but stumbled on the quirky, cute Thao Nguyen.

While Mirah provides a softer, melodic sound, Nguyen adds the electric twist.

Both write and take turns with instruments such as guitar, drums, knee slaps and hand claps.

If you want a taste of their acoustic, indie sound, listen to “Teeth” off their self-titled record.

It starts off with slow hand clapping that picks up and stays in the background of the song while vocals come in with guitar to match the rhythm. The chorus is laced with hymns and louder hand clapping with just that extra slap but with words, “this is the last time I’ll drag myself from your bed.”

Craving something with heavy beats and synth?

“Eleven” is your track.

This song carries more of the Thao-edge with sirens, electric piano and echoing vocals screaming “la la la.”

This pair definitely shows that just because you write, play differently doesn’t mean that there can’t be a meeting point.

So dance to the beats and chill back with a drink for the laidback sound at the Rhythm Room on Monday.

Tickets are $13.