The Arizona Diamondbacks come back to Phoenix this week as they get ready to embark on a nearly two-week long home stand. The D-backs return from having some success on the road as they took the series and nearly swept the Cincinnati Reds. The second series put a damper on the trip as they are swept by the previously struggling New York Mets. The wins against the Reds would be extremely important for the D-backs as the Reds sit atop the National League Central. The Mets, however, are in last place in the National League East. It is not all bad news for the Diamondbacks as they are still one game ahead of San Diego in the N.L. West.

The D-backs miss Halladay, but will face Lee, Oswalt and Hamels during the homestand.

The Diamondbacks return to Chase Field on Monday to face another first place team, this time from the National League East. The Philadelphia Phillies arrive in town with the best record in the National League. In a long and important home stand, the D-backs can really gain some momentum in the event that they are able to topple one of the best performing teams in the Major Leagues.

The second team of the week during the home stand is another local favorite due to the high number of Illinois transplants, the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have a tremendous following and can also potentially give the D-backs some momentum while the D-backs fans rally around their team.

Day game
In what looks to be an exciting week for some baseball with some exciting teams visiting, it should be noted that Wednesday’s home game is an afternoon game against the Phillies, beginning at 12:40p.m.

Going into the weekend and on Friday, there are a couple of promotions of note beginning Thursday. On Thursday night, the first 15,000 fans in attendance will receive Racing Gracie Bobbleheads. There will also be 50 limited-edition bronze versions. On Friday night there will be post-game fireworks presented by Gila Rivers Casinos. The entire four game series against the Cubs will be the APS Green Series, where the D-backs will be promoting green energy along with APS but using green energy for the weekend series.

For ticket information, see the D-backs website. Take the light rail to the next home game! Chase Field is convenient to the 3rd Street stations — Washington Street heading westbound and Jefferson Street heading eastbound.

Previous week’s schedule
4/19/11 D-BACKS 5, Reds 4
4/20/11 D-BACKS 3, Reds 1
4/21/11 Reds 7, D-BACKS 4
4/22/11 Mets 4, D-BACKS 1
4/23/11 Mets 6, D-BACKS 4
4/24/11 Mets 8, D-BACKS 4

This week’s schedule
4/25/11 Phillies @ D-BACKS, 6:40 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona
4/26/11 Phillies @ D-BACKS, 6:40 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona
4/27/11 Phillies @ D-BACKS, 12:40 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona
4/28/11 Cubs @ D-BACKS, 6:40 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona
4/29/11 Cubs @ D-BACKS, 6:40 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona
4/30/11 Cubs @ D-BACKS, 5:10 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona
5/1/11 Cubs @ D-BACKS, 1:10 p.m., Chase Field, Fox Sports Arizona