AZCentral first reported this morning that LGO Public House has backed out of its CityScape location. The modern tavern was set to open in about six weeks between Vitamin T and The Arrogant Butcher on 1st Street, but, citing ventilation issues, left the project entirely.

LGO officials claim to be considering alternative locations in Downtown Phoenix and beyond. Social media has been buzzing all day with suggested alternatives. The former PastaBAR and Circles Discs and Tapes locations (on 1st and McKinley streets and Central Avenue and McKinley Street, respectively) have been mentioned, as well as the deteriorating Knipe House on 2nd and Portland streets, which is in the processing of receiving bids to repair damage from a fire last year.

What Central Phoenix location best suits LGO? Leave your feedback in the comments section.

  • Cory K

    I like the idea of the Knipe house… though I would expect the cost to be formidable because of the renovations. Historic preservation funds might help offset that, however. PastaBar’s old slot would be nice… but it is kind of tucked away. The old Verde spot might work too… plenty of parking on the nearby streets – can’t possibly ever be worse than their Cambell location. Circles would be amazing… but that is a big building… would they be able to cover overhead?

  • faz

    SWC 3rdAv/Roosevelt, caddycorner to pita jungle. Need to clear out current use but would be perfect

  • BrianD

    How about the Toms Tavern location, if the Bidwells would consent?

  • I like all the suggestions above. I’d also suggest the former My Florist Cafe space. It’s outside the City’s official definition of Downtown since it’s on the north side of McDowell, but it’s a great building that cries out for better food and service than what MFC provided in its final days.

    Another question that needs attention: What to do with the CityScape space that LGO is no longer going to occupy. I just read today that the Arizona Popular Culture Museum is moving from City North to Desert Ridge. In other words, it’s moving from one unfortunate location in the exurban hinterlands to another. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be lured to CityScape instead? Some friends have claimed that Downtown will be oversupplied with restaurants if everything proposed for CityScape is built. I’m not sure if I agree since I think the appropriate supply is whatever the market will bear, but if they are right, why not balance out the restaurants with a cultural facility that will generate foot traffic in support of the restaurants?

  • Aaron

    How about one of the several locations on 7th Ave. and McDowell— or even the old “My Florist” spot?

  • mike

    I agree with the suggestions on relocating LGO Public House to the vacated My Florist Cafe location at 7th Ave & McDowell. I’m thinking that the surrounding historic neighborhoods and Arts Community would welcome this as well.

  • KG

    I wish someone would revitalize the old Beef Eaters Restaurant at 3rd Ave and Camelback. Maybe LGO Public House? It’s near Postino Central and St. Francis.