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Remember back when MTV had its Rock ‘N’ Jock basketball games? We’d get to see celebrities playing basketball and acting silly. It was a lot of fun. MTV did away with Rock ‘N’ Jock long ago, but we  have a nice, and in some ways better, replacement here in Phoenix.

On Saturday, January 29, the Phoenix Suns will host their 10th annual Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout presented by Robert and Carole Machiz at US Airways Center. For those of us in Phoenix, this is the perfect replacement to the old Rock ‘N’ Jock games. Sure, we don’t have a team named the Bricklayers or a 25-point basket, but we do get to attend the games live and get to see some of our favorite movie stars and musicians up close and personal, joking around and having a fun time. Oh, and it’s not full of B-list celebrities like Dean Cain. We get real stars.

This year’s rosters have yet to be released, but if they’re anything like that of past events, we’ll be in for a treat. In the previous nine years of the Celebrity Shootout we’ve seen Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx, American Idol and local product Jordin Sparks and hip-hop god (but horrible actor) Common. Oh, and Dean Cain.

Not only do you get to see celebrities in a different environment, you get the option to hang out with them the night before, January 28, at the Celebrity Affair Party in Scottsdale. How often do you get the chance to hang with some of your favorite actors? Exactly.

To top it all off, all proceeds go to benefit Phoenix Suns charities and Nite Hoops. You have no reason not to go. Buy tickets, go to the event and have a good time, all while supporting a good cause.

For more information on how to get tickets, visit the official Celebrity Shootout website.

  • PartyGirl

    Who are the celebrities for the game this year?

    • As far as I know, the rosters have yet to be announced. I’ve checked the site and still nothing. I should get an email from the Suns PR team once they are annoucned and once I do, I’ll post them here.


    Is there goin to be a after party on saturday afterwards?