The summer of 2010 is memorable for many reasons, but one event stood out for Urban Affair, a Downtown Phoenix media company.

“We were shocked to hear from Prince the Internet was dead,” said Catrina Knoebl, Urban Affair Founder and Publisher of Downtown Phoenix Journal. “I remember the day vividly. I was watching YouTube at the time. I knew we had to act quickly.”

“We did what media companies do,” said DPJ Managing Editor Si Robins.”We looked to see what other people were doing.”

“Wired Magazine gave us the answer a month later,” said Knoebl. “When they claimed the Web was dead – on the cover of a magazine? Well, we knew right then and there they were saying magazines are NOT dead.”

Evidence of non-smartphones

So they decided to follow the national pub’s lead.

DPJ will still be found online for those who surf these waves, but DPJ will soon be found where the Internet cannot go: in your hands!

UPDATE: The development of mobile apps has prompted DPJ to provide evidence that not everyone has a smart phone yet.

The Facts:
– DPJ Magazine will debut Nov 4, 2010
– Bi-monthly, 20,000 circulation (next issue: Jan 1!)
– 20-page, 4-color book
– Distributed throughout Greater Downtown and strategic spots around the Valley
– Limited time: 6-issue ad rates available

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  • Can’t wait to see this in action! Hilarious article also!

  • This is very exciting stuff guys, keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Pam Vozza

    While I am a self-admitted geek, get lots of up-to-the-minute news online and, yeah, have apps on my iPhone pushing info to me… but as a print designer I LOVE print publications and I can’t wait to see yours! I can already smell the ink!!! 😀

  • Congratulations, so glad to hear the new pub is arriving next month. I know from what I’ve heard that it is not only going to look great, but will become the bible for downtowners very quickly and a great advertising vehicle for downtown businesses!

  • Mike Hall

    That is awsome, now I can read the magazine while I drive instead of surfing the net.

    • The number of DPJ related car accidents are sure to go down now!

    • you don’t drive Mike….you walk everywhere! 🙂

  • Looking forward to it eagerly! Maybe I can contribute to it someday in some small way… I’m still old school and like to hold publications in my hands to read them, flip through the pages, smell the ink…

  • Greg Shore

    Congratulations! All the best!

  • Can’t wait to see the magazine. I have no doubt it will be nothing less than spectacular!