Roosevelt Row is holding its fourth and final stakeholders meeting this evening at Trinity Cathedral to discuss the Roosevelt Row Streetscape Improvements project. The plans, which focus on Roosevelt Street between Central Avenue and 4th Street, aim to make Roosevelt Row more pedestrian friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Below are the latest renderings for the project.

Images courtesy of City of Phoenix Street Transportation Dept.

  • Whoever thinks those pedestrian islands in image 4 will be successful needs to leave the design team.

  • Have the designers ever spent time walking in downtown? Maybe they should take a look at other cities that have a lot of pedestrian traffic. And when they finish that, spend a couple of days in downtown Phoenix and take time wandering around. How can you design a concept that you don’t understand.

  • Have they started to even assign a project price to this?

    • It is being funded by a grant the city received. This alignment has already been chosen, but specific design elements are going to be ironed out in this evening’s meeting.

  • I understand that the design has been funded (obviously), the construction however has no funding at this time.

    • Yes, that was poorly conveyed in my response. Thank you, Sean.

  • Im glad to see they’re trying to upgrade Roosevelt and Im bummed I missed this meeting.

    For a long time I’ve wanted to see the 3rd Street and Roosevelt intersection converted to a roundabout. It would help slow traffic, but it would also create a more unique entrance to Downtown for people coming in off the 10.

    Imagine a roundabout entry like the DBG has on Galvin Parkway, with a large piece of public art in the middle of it and with desert landscaping, that would look great. Imagine too if the City could get Paul Coze’s Phoenix bird statue thats currently languishing unnoticed at Town & Country and put it there, putting it back on its old pedestal and fixing its ability to breath fire at night, that would be awesome.

  • Oh, also, this plan doesn’t show anything planned for that small dirt triangle that hangs South of Roosevelt off 1st Ave. Its just West of the Radio Station complex and South of the Historic Church. That little triangle created by the LRT could be a terrific little pocket park with maybe a small fountain, some benches and shade trees, but instead its just another dirty lot in Downtown.

    Cities that are successfully urban don’t let little opportunities like that triangle go to waste. Its not like its big enough for any kind of development, so the Roosevelt St streetscape improvements definitely ought to include it.

  • I’m really diggin on the roundabout idea, but it would have to be a single-lane one both for pedestrian safety, and b/c people in Arizona don’t understand multi-lane roundabouts.

  • Im trying to recall, I think the one along Galvin Pkwy is 2 lanes in each direction. I wonder if they’ve had any safety issues. Obviously through Papago Park there’s less foot traffic so maybe its not a god parallel.

    Either way, it’ll never happen with Phoenix’s Streets department, they’re like methadone addicts, addicted to maximizing parking spaces and traffic speed at the costs of everything else.

  • Brian

    I think the city granted the rights to some developer, who owns the dirt lot just west of it, to build on that little triangle and the road just west of it. Thus, just having one turn on to 1st Ave from Roosevelt. Of course, nothing ever happened to that development and now we have an ugly gravel lot tiange on the intersection. Anyone know how to get the city or parks dept to plant something in there and care for it?

    The 3rd St and Roosevelt intersection is a really sad entrance to downtown Phoenix. Empty lots and fenced up buildings …

    It’s too bad someone can’t make somthing out of the canvas building and it’s chain link fence.