Si RobinsFueled by corn during a Midwestern upbringing, Si pilgrimaged to the Valley in 2003. Since then, he annually regrets said pilgrimage when the mercury ticks over 90º. A journalism graduate of the Walter Cronkite School at ASU, he just missed out on the social media craze and the fancy new ASU Downtown digs and therefore is neither cool nor lucky. He spends his time writing and editing for magazines and the Web and maintains a semi-regular blog at He has lived in the East Valley for the past six years and is new to downtown, though he’s seen it on the I-10 before. He’s looking for lots of cheap thrills around here, so email him with suggestions. You may also recognize him as the only person who will be attending Suns games next year. You can find him at shows at Modified, scouring First Friday for free wine and attending various A&E events throughout the Valley in attempts to become a cultural snob. He lives near light rail stop 11 at Roosevelt and Central in the Roosevelt District.