He’s the guy at Hob Nobs messing around on his G1, wearing obnoxiously large sunglasses, and drinking an Americano like he thinks he is something special. He’s been called a token gay, constructive criticizer, anarchist, and vociferous walker. Meet Chad Swaney.

He’s the kind of person who will spend hours, days, or weeks examining the unintended consequences of the great social and political decisions of the day from public transit to warrantless wiretapping, but will make disastrous decisions in his own life, such as the time he thought it would be smart to stay in a 2-star hotel booked on Priceline.

Chad also doesn’t fit into any simple categories…he is not conservative, liberal, moderate, queer, or religious, although most people who meet him are pretty sure that he is neurotic, restless, and condescending. He doesn’t believe in voting, taxes, gay marriage, straight marriage, leprechauns, or magic, but he believes pretty strongly in The Lost Leaf, craft beers, the color wheel, hummus, and curry.

People who enjoy debating whether the area between Roosevelt and I-10 should be considered “downtown” are exactly the kind of people who would enjoy having a beer with Chad. And if you have ever waited over 40 minutes to have your check delivered at Carly’s, you definitely will want to hear what Chad has to say. If you think you may have contracted Hepatitis from using the bathroom at the old Willo House, then Chad is someone you should hang out with, because he knows a great doctor. If you are not sure which gay bar is safe to go to on a Sunday without fear of it being “leather daddy” night, Chad can help.

The bottom line is that Chad is here for you. Stay tuned for rants, raves, complaints, profundities, and an occasional moment of clarity from a gay you can trust.