Source: Phoenix New Times

With last week’s abrupt closing of Palatte, I’ve heard several friends complain about the lack of breakfast options in Central Phoenix. But I guess the restaurant gods were listening, because I just found out about a brand-new spot that’s in the works: Two Hippies Breakfast Joint.

It’s the latest brainchild of Andy and Jan Goldstein, owners of the popular Two Hippies Magic Mushroom Burgers and Two Hippies Beach House (read my review from last month). They’re taking over what used to be Lil’ Mama’s Soul Cafe, as well as the next-door space in the Melrose Plaza, located on 7th Avenue north of Indian School.

Look for an early May opening.

Full article here.

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  • I’m excited about the Two Hippies breakfast place, but I think it’s a stretch to call 7th Ave near Indian School “Downtown.” Other names like Midtown, Melrose, etc. all describe the location, but for me, Downtown’s northern border is I-10 and Hance Park. The City of Phoenix official definition takes it up to McDowell. Anything to the north is definitely Central Phoenix, but not really Downtown.

    • Hey David-

      When we started The Journal back up, we decided to envision Downtown Phoenix more as a lifestyle rather than a geography. So while the City has strict boundaries on what they consider Downtown, we like to think that we’d welcome anybody with a little Urban Mojo.

      And the folks at Two Hippies have Mojo to spare… 🙂

      • Point well taken. There’s plenty of mojo on your site and at the various Two Hippies restaurants. I’m just a stickler for geography and cringe when I hear places like Biltmore Fashion Park described as being in “Downtown Phoenix’ (an actual conversation I overhead a while back).

        • I’ll second David’s sentiments. Already being aware of the planned Two Hippies breakfast spot on 7th Ave in Midtown’s Melrose District, the sole reason I clicked on this entry was to investigate further what seemed to be the incorrect usage of “Downtown.”

          If this were a blog focused on, say, Queen Creek or Buckeye, and they were talking about this new restaurant as being located in “Downtown” Phoenix, I would give it much less thought, but considering the focus of the DPJ, I took more notice.

          To avid Downtown lovers like us, the lifestyle point makes sense, but to those less inclined to give it as much thought as we do, I think it causes more un-needed confusion. I think the geography of Downtown (as with all major central Phoenix districts) should be clear and focused.

          As a native central Phoenician, I know I personally have had a difficult enough time trying to explain to “outsiders” the differences between distinct districts like Downtown or Midtown. Or worse yet, people thinking (or assuming) the Biltmore and or Arcadia areas happen to be in Scottsdale.

          I mean, that’s just blasphemy.

          In any event, I would suggest simply “urban” is probably the better moniker when talking about the specific lifestyle people like us love and promote so much.