Source: Real Green AZ

Yesterday we broke ground for a new community garden. . This garden has been in its planning and approval stages for over 8 months so it was a quite a celebratory day! The Garden is located on the South Side of the Guru Nanak Dwara Ashram also home of Yoga Phoenix (a non-profit Kundalini Yoga Center) at the corner of 9th St and Oak in the Coronado Historic Neighborhood in Central Phoenix, AZ.  We got approval about 2 weeks ago and yesterday got to gleefully get our hands all dirty with mama earth.

The garden was conceived in the 108th Monkey Green Committee we formed at the Ashram last April. Julie “Ras Das’ Rasmussen is the Garden Coordinator and  because the Ashram has multiple groups and organizations who work within the building the Garden Proposal had to go through many committees before approval of the garden location were worked out. We really lucked out on the final location because it already has a watering system in place and because it has been watered lawn for so many years the ground was actually acceptable to plant in ground.  With a little help from amendments and extra soil we were able to put the bed into the ground which is sometimes difficult here in Phoenix.

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