There’s really no cooler place for an after party than the Clarendon. The roof top, while it certainly has its limits (literally, per fire code), is an excellent place to grab a drink while enjoying the cool night air.

While the roof seems to be definitely working, the downstairs bar/restaurant area has been in flux for quite a while. The bar, now much more open, looks like a success, but the restaurant is closed and completely gutted. No news on what’s going in there yet, but owner Ben Bethel said it’s being handled by a guy who’s no stranger to successful Valley ventures.

  • Mr. Bethel actually sold the rights of the restaurant space to a new third party, for a complete (* and needed in my opinion) overhaul of the design, concept and menu. According to a few people who currently work at the hotel, the restaurant’s new operator allegedly has history with the LGO group. If so, expectations could be genuinely high this time. One new design element in particular that sounds interesting is large open kitchen.

    Since it’s previous major transition from the pricey-but-successful (food-wise) Camus restaurant a few years ago, Clarendon Kitchen has unfortunately failed to deliver in the food, atmosphere and concept departments. Subsequent changes over the months and years were never executed thoroughly, and ideas were not always focused. I myself am really looking forward to this new restaurant, and because I have a close, loyal personal history with the hotel and it’s owners, I hope for it’s success.

  • Thanks for the insight, Justin. I’ve been going there for a while too, let’s hope this incarnation lasts longer than any of the other attempts.

    • And here it is–